Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bank Fraud - You gotta try harder than that!

I just opened my yahoo email and I got this strange e-mail from supposed Maybank email address m2u@maybank.com.my with a rather suspicious subject :  

"The next level of Maybank2u.com security features"

I opened it and not surprising it IS a fraud email..

The subject :

E-mail content. Well, if you're gonna do a scam on people, at least get yourself an attractive e-mail design. I gotta give this perpetrator a C in creativity coz you obviously lack one.. You're talking to a person who constantly in front of laptop, surfing internet, so investing a lousy scam email like this is plain stupid.. 

Yup! definitely a forgery..

Alhamdulillah.. I thank ALLAH that I got the reminder of this kind of scam before so, I am well aware of that, thanks too to my buddies who never tired on sending bunch of emails , especially on a reminder for a fraud like this.. 

So, caution to all fellow bloggers/readers.. Scammers are everywhere and they never tired in getting their twisted mind and vicious hand into your bank account.. Next time you get bunch of emails from your pal about reminder like this, do not ignore or delete them.. Take your time to read and share them to all your other friends.. You'll never know that your email could save a person's bank account...

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